Accounting for adventure: How to keep your business running when you want to go on a winter escape

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Accounting for adventure: How to keep your business running when you want to go on a winter escape

“How can I possibly take a break during a time like this?” we hear you cry.

Well, it’s not just possible, it’s necessary. First off, let’s squash the notion that time off is time wasted. On the contrary, stepping away from the daily grind is crucial for your mental health and the overall health of your business. Think of it as pressing the reset button — returning with fresh eyes can spark innovative ideas and strategies to propel your business forward.

Once you’ve decided how long you can step away from your business; both logistically and budget wise, you’ve found all the deals and discounts to take advantage of, it’s time to put the gears in motion.

Preparation is key

Here’s how to ensure everything runs smoothly in your absence:

1. Empower your team: Before you hit the road, make sure your team is primed and ready. Provide them with the training and resources they need to handle the day-to-day operations. Empowering your team not only boosts their confidence but also ensures they can manage any situation that might arise.

2. Set communication boundaries: Define clear boundaries about when and why they should contact you. This could mean setting up a hierarchy of solutions and escalations. For instance, minor issues should be solved in-house, but major emergencies might warrant a call to your cabin or ski chalet.

3. Delegate like a pro: Assign responsibilities clearly. Who handles client queries? Who steps in for management decisions? Delegation isn’t just about offloading tasks — it’s about trusting your team to handle responsibilities. This trust can significantly boost their performance and your peace of mind.

4. Digital detox: This might be the toughest part, but try to disconnect. Turning off your phone and stepping away from emails allows you to genuinely recharge. Remember, the world won’t stop if you’re not checking emails every hour. Plus, your team will appreciate the trust and confidence you show in them.

But what if I’m a solopreneur?

If you're a solo operator, taking a break might seem even more challenging, but it’s entirely achievable with some clever strategies.

1. Inform your clients: Communication is key. Let your clients know well in advance about your holiday dates. This transparency helps manage expectations and reduces the likelihood of urgent calls during your break.

2. Schedule wisely: Try to schedule your holiday during a slower business period if possible. This minimises the impact of your absence and reduces stress knowing that you’re not missing out on peak business opportunities.

3. Automate and outsource: Use technology to your advantage. Set up automatic replies on your email and phone stating your unavailability and when you’ll be able to respond. For ongoing projects, consider outsourcing to trusted freelancers or temporary help who can cover essential tasks in your absence.

4. Prep your return: Plan for your return by scheduling a day to catch up on communications and tasks before officially reopening your business. This buffer day helps you ease back into work mode without the immediate pressure of business operations.

By setting these practices in place, even solo traders can enjoy a relaxing break without worrying about the business falling apart in their absence.

The comeback

Taking a winter break isn’t just about a well-spent holiday. It’s about scheduling in the necessities for long-term success and sustainability. In fact, we see it as a strategic step to inject fresh energy and perspective into your business.

So, if you were thinking you couldn’t afford a winter escape in this economy, perhaps this is your permission slip to reconsider. Your business — and your brain — might just thank you for it!

Want to see if you’ve got the budget to take a winter escape and still see business growth?

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