Ask yourself: “If Inland Revenue audited my business tomorrow, would I be able to provide them with full and accurate records?”

Unless you’re sure the answer is “yes”, contact us to find out how we can help ease your worries.

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Income Tax

Meeting income tax obligations is fundamental to any business, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy

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As the end of the tax year approaches, the stress can ramp up, especially as the rules around income tax keep changing.

Income tax compliance isn’t just about ensuring that payments are made on time. You also need to have the right documentation in place in case you’re subject to additional IRD scrutiny – but many businesses don’t.

Our job is to give you greater certainty, greater security and greater control over income tax compliance; so you can sleep easier.

Financial Statements

Financial statements can be used for more than just compliance.

At Munro Benge, we know that sound financial management is built on sound financial systems.

We view your balance sheet, your profit and loss statement and your cashflow statement as vital business tools; they are a barometer of your business performance.

It’s too easy to fall into the trap of only looking at your financial statements annually; in order to make informed decisions, it is important to review them more regularly, otherwise you are flying blind.

Whether you’re looking to borrow money, recover from setbacks, expand into new markets or prepare your business for sale, accurate and up-to-date financial statements help you make the right decisions about your business.

Benefits of being a tax client


Inland Revenue tax agency extension of time – we are allowed to file tax returns after the 7th July and you get an extra two months to pay your terminal tax.


Tax payment reminders – we will reminder you of your tax obligations as they come due, and provide options if you want to pay something alternative to the standard.


We will liaise with Inland Revenue on your behalf to resolve any matters that arise, so you don’t need to.


We have coffee and willing to share.

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

We know the rules, we know what they mean for you, and we can help.

Are you paying the right amount of GST? It’s not all about paying 15% on income and claiming 15% on your expenses, it’s also about when to charge GST or not, and when to claim GST or not. GST is not always visible as to when its being charged, or when it can be claimed.

Did you know that zero rated GST is different to no GST?

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Other Tax Returns

We can advise and manage other tax returns that may be necessary

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