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Munro Benge is an independent member of BKR International and an independent member firm of the Walker Wayland Australasia Limited network.

Our goal is to help our clients create enduring value in their business

As an independent firm of Wellington chartered accountants and business advisors we can help you with the following:

Business Advice

Business advice at your fingertips

Business Compliance

Getting it right

Expatriate Services

Need expert advice about expat tax?

Family Trusts

Protect your wealth

Personal Advisory

We can help you get your life sorted

Payroll Service

We can manage all aspects of your payroll


Obtain your entitlements


Positive efforts in challenging situations

Property Management

Let us attend to the management and administration of your properties

News and Updates

Becoming an employer of choice

Becoming an employer of choice

If you have an excellent reputation as an employer, your productivity and profit should benefit. The thing is, though, a reputation like this comes from what you believe and show. It may require some creativity. Read our feature in this month's newsletter to find out...

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How do you draw talent to your door?

How do you draw talent to your door?

Getting a job at Google is reportedly 10 times harder than getting a place at institutions like Harvard or Yale. The company employs 7000 people a year, from 3 million applicants. Google has staff friendly initiatives that attract top candidates. Your business may be...

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IRD has good news and bad news on FBT

IRD has good news and bad news on FBT

You may provide company vehicles to some employees. In some cases, the vehicle is a work tool – for example, a ute for a project manager. In other cases, it is part of a salary package. Whatever the reason, Inland Revenue has good news and bad news. The good news is...

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Better control coming over hazardous substances

Better control coming over hazardous substances

Fifty years ago, farmers and others sprayed toxic chemicals onto weeds in blissful ignorance of the need for personal protective equipment. How things have changed! Today, regulations govern the handling and use of all hazardous substances. And, like many other safety...

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