Moving countries is exciting but stressful, you don’t want tax issues and compliance adding to that stress. That’s where we can help.

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Leaving New Zealand

We guide individuals and businesses through the complexities when leaving New Zealand.

We provide advice that is up to date, covers your obligations on leaving and after you leave New Zealand to ensure you don’t end up in hot water, or paying tax twice.

Coming to / Trading In New Zealand

When businesses and individuals come to New Zealand either permanently or looking to set up a branch of their existing company, there are plenty of tax and company issues to deal with.

If you’re not familiar with New Zealand’s taxation, employment and company laws, those issues can cost you dearly if you get it wrong. We can help navigate the complexities of setting up in New Zealand, double tax agreements and providing local administrative support.

Tax residency is not the same as immigration residency, but what if you are not an individual?

Cross Border Employment

More and more people live in one country but work in another.

Pay my team

Whether it’s a project manager based in Sydney working remotely for a New Zealand employer, or a New Zealand software developer who works while their European bosses are asleep, it’s never been easier to work cross-border. That means more employees and companies are encountering the complex tax and employment issues entailed by working cross-border.

Cross-border employment and taxation requirements in New Zealand can be confusing. Whether it’s PAYE, Fringe Benefits Tax, superannuation or non-residents contractors’ tax, there’s plenty of potential to get things wrong if you don’t draw on professional advice.

We can advise employers, in-house payroll/Human Resources team and employees about the tax implications of cross-border working

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