On 24 October 2018, Inland Revenue released a draft standard practice statement (SPS) for public consultation setting out Inland Revenue’s practice for accepting tax payments as having been made in time. The reference number for the draft SPS is ED0208 and the deadline for feedback is 28 November 2018. The draft SPS is available on the Inland Revenue consultation webpage at www.ird.govt.nz.
With the influence of technology and impacts on how customers prefer to interact with Inland Revenue, there has been a significant shift in practice to use digital methods for making tax payments. As a consequence, the Commissioner encourages customers to use direct banking facilities when they make tax payments (or when refunds are issued). The SPS contains the following two changes in Inland Revenue’s practice for tax payments:
• From 1 February 2019, post-dated cheques will not be accepted by Inland Revenue. After that date cheques for tax payments will be presented to a bank for payment at the time they are received.
• Inland Revenue drop boxes for the physical delivery of tax payments are only available inside Inland Revenue office reception areas and during reception opening hours.
The draft SPS applies to all tax types, including student loan repayments and child support payments.