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If you are to achieve your goals and aspirations, then you will need accounting planning, accounting skills and accounting resources.

Munro Benge has a variety of skill sets, services and expertise designed to support both businesses and individuals in a wide variety of needs. Over time our firm has made a substantial investment in methodologies and expertise in a number of vital accounting services. When the occasion or the moment dictates, as a Munro Benge client, any or all of these services can be employed to great effect; that is the Munro Benge advantage.

Business Advisory

Business advice at your fingertips

We have worked with hundreds of businesses over eight decades and we can confidently say we understand what works and why. When you talk to our people you are tapping a rich vein of information and experience. You are not alone on your venture; we will guide you along the path. It is our knowledge and experience that sets us apart from other professional services; knowledge and experience that is right at your fingertips right when you need it.

Business Compliance

Get the facts

Sound financial management is built on sound financial systems. At Munro Benge technology and experience combine to provide a rich array of information enabling you to make the best decisions. Full service, bureau or proprietary, we will construct the most economic and effective model to suit your requirements, your resource and your pocket.

But compliance work has value beyond the obvious:

  • You will better understand your business and the value of your business.
  • You will be able to make yearly financial comparisons.
  • From this trends will emerge and you will make sharper management decisions.
  • You can make sound planning based on past activity.
  • You will improve your cash flow and your profitability.
  • You will understand exactly ‘where the money goes’.
  • It will help you bring in a successor or make a sale.
  • It adds real value to your business.
  • It will also ensure you increase your personal wealth and improve your lifestyle.

Expatriate Services

As globalisation in the world market accelerates, an increasing number of organisations are realising the need for, and the benefits of, having an internationally mobile work force. As both the costs of international transfers and the need to encourage the mobility of staff increases, tax and planning has become an ever more important consideration.

In addition to policy design and tax planning issues, compliance requirements are becoming more complex while fines and penalties for failing to meet those requirements are increasing. As both the costs of international transfers and the need mobility of staff increases, tax and planning has become an ever more important consideration.

Through the BKR International independent global association, we are ideally placed to assist with home country, assignment country taxation advice and other logistical support for staff working overseas.

How We Work

Our advisors can provide specialist knowledge on tax planning, tax compliance and policy design issues faced by expatriates and their employers and can offer a comprehensive service if we do not have some knowledge we can obtain, such as immigration and Visa requirements, employment law and legal advice.

We can advise employers, individual executives and employees of the tax implications of assignments both with regard to home country taxes and those in the host country, or countries.

We have a two pronged approach to delivering tailored expatriate services covering dedicated services for employers and separate support and advice for executives and employees.

Services For Employers
  • International assignment planning
  • Tax planning
  • Tax compliance
Services For Executives & Employees

Departure Consultations

  • Non-residence claims
  • Tax refunds
  • Tax compliance

Arrival Consultations

  • Residence and domicile claims
  • Tax planning
  • Tax compliance
Tax System Inland Revenue Department

  • Accident Compensation Insurance
  • Capital Gains Tax / Land Tax
  • Double Tax Agreements
  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Residency rules
  • Superannuation
  • Tax rates & returns
  • Trusts

  • Visa requirements
Other Matters
  • Ability to import/export personal and household effects
  • free of any customs, excise duty and taxes.
  • Educational matters
  • Gift duty ($nil in NZ)
  • Insurance
  • Tax planning
  • Wills & Estate rules (Estate duty $nil in NZ)

Helpful Hints

Moving to a different country on a permanent or semi-permanent basis can be a very exciting experience. However, coming to grips with a different tax system in your destination country is usually quite challenging for most people.

Additionally, if you are leaving New Zealand (“NZ”) then you will also need to consider NZ’s tax rules to determine whether there is anything you need to, or should, do before you head overseas.

Whether you are returning home from overseas, making NZ your new home or leaving NZ to head overseas, you should consider the following before you plan your move and help to reduce the risk of any surprises.

When you need expert advice about expat tax, you need accountants with New Zealand & international accounting experience with taxation rules, treaties & exemptions.

As an “expat” or expatriate you not only have two time zones to consider but also two accounting and tax regimes and figuring out the overlaps, rules and “double-dipping” can give you the accounting version of jet-lag, and sometimes a nightmare.

At Munro Benge we can provide you with advice that is up to date and with New Zealand and international accounting and expat tax rules and regulations, tax treaties and exemptions and help to make your move a more enjoyable experience.

Take advantage of our business accounting services during which we will help you to refine your needs and consider an accounting and tax planning solution for you or your business going forward make an online enquiry today or call us on +64 4 472 7465 and let us help you solve your accounting or tax problems.

Family Trusts

Protect Your Wealth

Family Trusts are legal arrangements for the protection and management of property and assets. Establishing a Trust is vital if you are concerned with ensuring your wealth and personal circumstances and wishes are protected now and in the future. We will explain the advantages of the various options and then help you structure a Trust that ensures you achieve the most advantageous outcome.


Positive Efforts in Challenging Situations

Sadly not all ventures survive the rigors of the marketplace. The winding up process is never easy and requires skill, experience and sensitivity of people who know and care. Speed, knowledge and efficiency are the keys to successful insolvency work and Munro Benge work with surgical accuracy in delivering to creditors and stakeholders the best possible outcomes as quickly as possible.

Payroll Service

We Can Manage Your Payroll

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in this area. Our experienced team provide a complete payroll service, taking away the need for customers to have in-house expertise, payroll software or an understanding of payroll legislation. As a boutique CA firm we offer a highly skilled and personalised service.

Personal Advisory

Get Your Life Sorted

It all comes down to one single idea; what do you want from life? How you structure your income, how you protect your assets, how you build wealth and do the things you want are all manageable issues. With good management comes results and a level of surety that is attainable only to those who know the process and make the effort. Blending personal ambitions with careers and ventures can only be accomplished with good advice. Munro Benge are the advisors of choice.

Property Management

Since the early 1960’s Munro Benge have acted as the company secretary to owner occupier apartment companies; and since 1972 when the first Unit Titles act was legislated, we’ve acted as secretary and accountant to blocks of principally residential apartments.

Over the decades successive Partners/Directors have become extremely well experienced.

Our services involve acting as accountant, secretary, assisting with a range of maintenance to be undertaken, being involved in property inspections, assisting within the respective legal frameworks of leases, occupation licenses and unit titles (being direct ownership) with especially the procedures required on selling but also assisting buyers.

Where required we will attend owners/shareholders/directors meetings and if necessary chair those. We take the minutes of meetings. We attend to monthly clerical work involving paying accounts and collecting/managing rentals and levies. We help liaise with lawyers and auditors (where appointed).

In essence there is nothing we cannot do nor arrange in respect of attending to the management/administration and ownership of such properties.

We are happy to provide an estimate for potential new clients of what their costs might be and we can provide guidance with legal interpretation, application of constitution, leases and occupation licenses.


Obtain your entitlements

As the old saying goes; there are two things in life we can be certain of and one of those is taxes. We know from experience that there is not as much certainty around tax issues as you might think. But that’s our job, getting greater certainty, greater control and greater equity. Taxation is a highly specalised aspect of gaining financial security and certainty and Munro Benge have both the expertise and the most current information. We will give you the best possible advice; advice on up to the minute local and international tax issues right when you need it.

Munro Benge’s expertise extends beyond advice. We will undertake compliance work where your own resource or expertise needs.